IJAC Listings
We are pleased to announce that IJAC is now listed in both Scopus and the Engineering Index.

IJAC Scope

We will consider papers on all CAAD-related areas, including:

  • Architectural Design Decision Support Systems
  • Agent-based Knowledge Application, Infrastructure and Architecture
  • Building and Construction Management and Robotics
  • Cognitive Aspects of Design Computing Systems
  • Computer Supported Collaborative Problem Solving and Practice
  • Digital Design, Representation and Visualization
  • Design Methods, Process and Creativity
  • Electronic Communication, Activities and Distance Education
  • Emerging Systems and Computing Paradigms
  • Energy, Sustainable Building Technology Applications
  • Environment and Behaviour Recording and Simulations
  • Evaluation and Standards for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Technologies
  • System Evolution, Learning and Adaptation
  • Human-Machine Interaction Design
  • Implementation, Connections of Physical Environments and Virtual Worlds
  • Case-based reasoning, Information Processing, Indexing and Retrieval
  • Intelligent Support in Design and Built Environment
  • Intention and Context Aware Computing
  • Knowledge Based Design and Generative Systems
  • Knowledge Management, Networks, and Communities
  • Multi-Media Communications and Representations
  • Multi-Modal Applications and Data Analysis
  • Parametrics, Scripting and Shape
  • Precedents, Prototypes and Case Studies
  • Prediction, Evaluation and Validation
  • Responsive Environments and Smart Spaces
  • Visual Thinking, Visual Computing, Spatial/Temporal Reasoning and Languages