CALLS for PAPERS (Special Issues)
Volume 16 Issue 3 (September 2018)

Protocols, Flows and Glitches

This issue is being coordinated by Patrick Janssen on behalf of CAADRIA

April 1st 2018: full paper submission deadline

Volume 16 Issue 4 (December 2018)

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Architecture: Autonomy, agency and indeterminacy

Papers due May 1st 2018

This issue is coordinated by a team nominated by ACADIA, click here for full details

Issue 1 of 2019

This is an open issue. Papers can be submitted at any time
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Henri Achten Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic (E)
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Marcelo Bernal Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile (S)
Gabriela Celani FEC – UNICAMP, Brazil (S)
Mark Clayton Texas A&M, USA (A)
Teng-Wen Chang National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan (C)
Birgul Çolakoglu Istanbul Technical University, Turkey (E)
Richard Coyne University of Edinburgh, UK
Mahesh Daas University of Kansas USA (A)
Wolfgang Dokonal Graz University of Technology, Austria (E)
José Duarte University of Lisbon, Portugal (E)
Tomohiro Fukuda Osaka University, Japan (C)
David Gerber University of Southern California (A)
Aulikki Herneoja University of Oulu, Finland (E)
Christianne Herr Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China (C)
Pablo C. Herrera Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas, Peru (S)
Rodrigo Martin Iglesias Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina (S)
Wassim Jabi University of Cardiff, UK (A)
Patrick Janssen National University of Singapore, Singapore (C)
Joachim Kieferle Hochschule RheinMain, Germany (E)
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Hyunsoo Lee Yonsei University, South Korea (C)
Mara Marcu University of Cincinnati,USA (A)
Bob Martens Vienna University of Technology, Austria (E)
Rivka Oxman Technion-lsrael Institute of Technology, Israel
Vera Parlac University of Calgary, Canada (A)
Dagmar Reinhardt University of Sydney, Australia (C)
Jose Ripper Kos Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil (S)
David M. Sperling University of São Paulo, Brazil (S)
Rudi Stouffs National University of Singapore (CAADRIA Senior Editor)
Lauren Vasey University of Stuttgart (A)
Andrew John Wit Temple University, USA (A)
Tadeja Zupancic University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (E)

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