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Volume 9, 2011

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Volume 9, Issue 1

Hyoung-June Park and Jane Burry

From abstraction to being there: mixed reality at the early stages of design
Jules Moloney and Bharat Dave

Digital Architecture for Humanitarian Design in Post-Disaster Reconstruction
Wendy K. Yeung and Jeremy Harkins

Computational Fluid Dynamics for Urban Design: The Prospects for Greater Integration
Daniel Hii Jun Chung and Malone-Lee Lai Choo

Building-Volume Designs with Optimal Life-Cycle Costs
Martin Schoch, Chakguy Prakasvudhisarn and Apichat Praditsmanont

Architectronics: Towards a Responsive Environment
AnnaLisa Meyboom, Greg Johnson and Jerzy Wojtowicz

Interpreting Digital Heritage: A Conceptual Model with End-Users’ Perspective
Hafizur Rahaman and Beng-Kiang Tan

Volume 9, Issue 2

Earl Mark, Senior Editor and Robert Woodbury, Senior Editor

Generating a scalar logic: producing the “it’s a SMALL world” exhibition
Mette Ramsgard Thomsen, Martin Tamke and Jacob Riiber Nielsen

ARCHITECTURAL DNA: A genetic exploration of complex structures
Maria Vera van Embden Andres, Michela Turrin and Peter von Buelow

Optimization and parametric modelling to support conceptual structural design
Kirk Martini

Aviva Stadium: A parametric success
Paul Shepherd, Roly Hudson and David Hines

Aviva Stadium: A case study in integrated parametric design
Roly Hudson, Paul Shepherd and David Hines

Volume 9, Issue 3

Gregory A. Luhan and André Brown

InfoMatters, a multi-agent systems approach for generating performative architectural formations
Nimish Biloria

A Case Study of a Collaborative Digital Workflow in the Design and Production of Formwork for ‘Non-Standard’ Concrete Structures
Nicholas Williams, Hanno Stehling, Fabian Scheurer, Silvan Oesterle, Matthias Kohler and Fabio Gramazio

Heavy Design
AnnaLisa Meyboom

Design economies of surface: can Architects learn from the manufacturing process of industry-driven projects like auto-cross racing?
Emmanouil Vermisso

A Long-term Scope of Actions for Reconstructed Cultural Heritage: Maintaining a Virtual Archive of Nonexisting Synagogues
Bob Martens and Herbert Peter

uCampus: Can an open source 3D interactive virtual campus modelling platform support institutional learning and innovation?
Chengzhi Peng

Volume 9, Issue 4

Christiane M. Herr and Stanislav Roudavski

Decoding Culture Parametrically: Digital Tea House Case Studies
Kaon Ko and Salvator-John Liotta

Energy-Oriented Design Tools for Collaboration in the Cloud
Bianca Toth, Flora Salim, Jane Burry, John Frazer, Robin Drogemuller and Mark Burry

Understanding visual scripts: Improving collaboration through modular programming
Daniel Davis, Jane Burry and Mark Burry

Biofeedback And Virtual Environments
Erik Champion and Andrew Dekker

Designing Architectural Morphing Skins with Elastic Modular Systems
Chin Koi Khoo, Flora Salim and Jane Burry

Development of the Seed Scattering System for Computational Landscape Design
Tsukasa Takenaka and Aya Okabe

Selective Jamming: Digital Architectural Design in Foundation Courses
Stanislav Roudavski

BIM’s Seven Deadly Sins
Dominik Holzer