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Volume 8, 2010

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Volume 8, Issue 1

IJAC Editorial: Between man and machine: Integration/intuition/intelligence
Erik Champion and Sheng-Fen Chien

Digital Architectural Design as Exploration of Computable Functions
Toni Kotnik

Shift+Design: Scripts and Other Design Artifacts
Daniel Cardoso Llach

Designing for Constant Change: An Adaptable Growth Model for Architecture
Taro Narahara

Non-Linear Architectural Design Process
Yasha Jacob Grobman, Abraham Yezioro and Isaac Guedi Capeluto

Automated 3D Reconstruction of Interiors from Point Clouds
Angela Budroni and Jan Boehm

Augmented Reality-Based Education and Fire Protection for Traditional Korean Buildings
Viet Toan Phan and Seung Yeon Choo

Volume 8, Issue 2

IJAC Editorial
Johan Verbeke, Senior Editor, Henri Achten, Senior Editor and Andre Brown, Senior Editor

Interweaving Grammar: Reconfiguring Vernacular Structure Through Parametric Shape Grammar
Rizal Muslimin

An Integrated 3D Geodatabase for Palladio’s Work
Fabrizio I. Apollonio, Cristiana Corsi, Marco Gaiani and Simone Baldissini

Parametric Documenting of Built Heritage: 3D Virtual Reconstruction of Architectural Details
Christine Chevrier, Nathalie Charbonneau, Pierre Grussenmeyer and Jean-Pierre Perrin

The Chair Back Experiment: Hierarchical Temporal Memory and the Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in Architecture
Frank Jacobus, Jay McCormack and Josh Hartung

Optioneering in Collaborative Design Practice
Dominik Holzer

Authoring Tools for KOC – Concepts and Pedagogical Use
Germán Bravo, Rafael Villazón, Augusto Trujillo and Mauricio Caviedes

Schematic Systems – Constraining Functions Through Processes (and Vice Versa)
Gabriel Wurzer

Obituary: W.J. Mitchell A Personal Reflection
Nancy Yen-wen Cheng

W.J. Mitchell – In Celebration of An Approach
Alexander Koutamanis

Volume 8, Issue 3

IJAC Editorial
Earl Mark, Senior Editor

Abstractions for information based design
Kermin Chok and Mark Donofrio

Singapore National Stadium Roof
Pavel Hladik and Clive J Lewis

Parametric Performative Systems: Designing a Bioclimatic Responsive Skin
Urquiza S. Rafael

A framework of CAD/CAM design and construction process for freeform architecture: a case study
Chor-Kheng Lim

Parametric Structural Design and beyond
Anke Rolvink, Roel van de Straat and Jeroen Coenders

Acoustic Performance as a Design Driver: Sound Simulation and Parametric Modeling using SmartGeometry
Brady Peters

Parametric Design Process of a Complex Building In Practice Using Programmed Code As Master Model
Kat Park and Nicholas Holt

Collaborative Design and Live Interaction with Parametric Models using UbiMash
Flora Dilys Salim, Hugo Mulder, Przemyslaw Jaworski, James Willems Ransom, Pierre Cutellic, Takehiko Iseki, Stefan Di Leo and Yelta Köm

Volume 8, Issue 4

IJAC Editorial
Temy Tidafi and Robert Woodbury

Embedded Rationality: A Unified Simulation Framework for Interactive Form Finding
Ramtin Attar, Robert Aish, Jos Stam, Duncan Brinsmead, Alex Tessier, Michael Glueck and Azam Khan

The New Structuralism: Conceptual Mapping of Emerging Key Concepts in Theory and Praxis
Rivka Oxman

Computational Environments with Multimodal Representations of Architectural Design Knowledge
Ajla Aksamija and Ivanka Iordanova

ViSA: A Parametric Design Modeling Method to Enhance Visual Sensitivity Control and Analysis
Halil Erhan, Nahal H. Salmasi and Rob Woodbury

Surface Symmetries: The Smith House Revisited
Edouard Din and Athanassios Economou

Lighting Intention Materialization with a Light-Based Parametric Design Model
Vincent Tourre and Francis Miguet

Function Follows Performance in Evolutionary Computational Processing-Vertical Evolution
Anke Pasold and Isak Worre Foged

Examination of the Designs by Auguste Perret Using Digitally-Enabled Forensic Techniques
Andre Brown and Nicholas Webb

A Design Studio Pedagogy for Experiments with Unusual Material, Collaboration and Web Communication
Kate?iná Nováková, Henri Achten and Dana Mat?jovská