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Volume 7, 2009

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Volume 7, Issue 1


Automatic Extraction of Planar Clusters and their Contours on Building Facaçdes Recorded by Terrestrial Laser Scanner
H Boulaassal, T Landes and P Grussenmeyer

Contemporary Digital Methods for the Geometric Documentation of Churches in Cyprus
A Georgopoulos, Ch Ioannidis, Ch Chrysostomou, S Ioakim, N Shieittanis and M Ioannides

A Multi-Resolutional Methodology for the 3D Modelling of Large and Complex Archaeological Areas
Gabriele Guidi, Fabio Remondino, Michele Russo, Fabio Menna, Alessandro Rizzi and SebastianoErcoli

3D Collaborative Environments in Archaeology: Experiencing the Reconstruction of the Past
Maurizio Forte and Eva Pietroni

Modelling Behaviour of Configurable VR Applications

Finding Your Way Around Heritage Sites: the Delivery of Digital Information to Mobile Devices
André Brown, Ghousia Saeed and MichaelKnight

Monitoring Archaeological Site Landscapes in Cyprus using Multi-Temporal Atmospheric Corrected Image Data
D G Hadjimitsis, K Themistocleous, A Agapiou and CRI Clayton

Wearable Personal Assistants for the Management of Historical Centres
J L Izkara, X Basogain and D Borro

Worth a Thousand Words? The Usefulness of Immersive Virtual Reality for Learning in Cultural Heritage Settings
Laia Pujol Tost and Maria Economou

LibViz: Data Visualisation of the Old Library
K Ruhland, M Sedlmair, S Bioletti and C O’Sullivan



Volume 7, Issue 2


Parametric Development of Problem Descriptions
Roly Hudson

Citizen Participatory Design Method using VR and A Blog as Media in the Process
Tomohiro Fukuda, Atsuko Kaga, Hideaki Izumi and Takanori Terashima

Digital Incorporation of Ergonomics into Architectural Design
Buthayna Eilouti

Teaching/learning Architectural Design based on a Virtual Learning Environment
Luisa Dalla Vecchia, Adriane da Silva and Alice Pereira

A Cyber-Enabled Collaborative Design Studio
Katsuhiko Muramoto, Michael Jemtrud, Sonali Kumar, Bimal Balakrishnan and Danielle Wiley

To Colour the Virtual World
Beata Stahre, Monica Billger and Karin Fridell Anter

Augmented Reality in Architecture and Design: Potentials and Challenges for Application
Xiangyu Wang

Obituary: Hannu Penttilä


Volume 7, Issue 3

Towards Integrative Design
Branko Kolarevic

Towards Morphogenesis in Architecture
Stanislav Roudavski

Interactive Hemostasis Modeling in Urban Network Design
Joshua MTaron

Experiments with stochastic processes: Façade subdivision based on wind motion
Sambit Datta, Stuart Hanafin and Gregory Pitts

Space Making – Between the Virtual and the Physical
Joanna Crotch, Robert Mantho and Martyn Horner

Design Visualization: A Media Effects Approach
Bimal Balakrishnan and Loukas N Kalisperis

Integral Morphological C-K Design Approach for multi-disciplinary Building Design
Wim Zeiler and Perica Savanovic

Services in Digital Design: New Visions for AEC-field Collaboration
Hannu Penttilä

Collective Intelligence: An Agent-Based Approach to Programmatic Organization in Architecture
Yaniv (Junno) Ophir


Volume 7, Issue 4

Incorporating Computational Theories and Technologies in Architectural Design
Gabriela Celani

Experimental Design Methods – A Review
Henri H Achten

Computer-Based Form Generation in Architectural Design – a Critical Review
Yasha Jacob Grobman, Abraham Yezioro and Isaac Guedi Capeluto

Computing Architectural Materiality: The Hyper-natural Aspirations of the New Paradigm
Maria Voyatzaki

In-Between Architecture Computation
Christian Derix

Programmatic Formation: Practical Applications of Parametric Design
Yehia Madkour, Oliver Neumann and Halil Erhan

Non-Deterministic Exploration through Parametric Design
Stuart Hanafin, Greg Pitts and Sambit Datta

Parametric Constructionist Kits: Physical Design and Delivery System for Rapid Prototyping Devices
Lawrence Sass

Performative Building Skin Systems: A Morphogenomic Approach Towards Developing Real-Time Adaptive Building Skin Systems
Nimish Biloria and Valentina Sumini

Algorithmic Form Generation of a Radiolarian Pavilion
Ernesto Bueno