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Volume 6, 2008

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Volume 6, Issue 1

Nancy Yen-wen Cheng and Joachim B Kieferle

Performance-based Design: Current Practices and Research Issues
Rivka Oxman

Structural Analysis as Driver in Surface-Based Design Approaches
Markus Schein and OliverTessmann

Spatial Augmented Reality for Architecture – Designing and planning with and within existing buildings
Christian Tonn, Frank Petzold, Oliver Bimber, Anselm Grundhöfer and Dirk Donath

Artificial networks for spatial analysis
Mohamed Amine Benoudjit and Paul S Coates

CityZoom: A Visualization Tool for the Assessment of Planning Regulations
Benamy Turkienicz, Bárbara Bellaver Gonçalves and Pablo Grazziotin

Constraint-Based Design in Participatory Housing Planning
Dirk Donath and Luis Felipe González Böhme


Volume 6, Issue 2

Wassim Jabi and Robert Woodbury

A Parametric Shape Grammar of the Traditional Malay Long-Roof Type Houses
Suzana Said and Mohamed Embi

Parametric Variations of Palladio’s Villa Rotonda
Hyoung-June Park

Go with the flow: particle systems for program modeling in high-rise buildings
Yaniv Ophir

Design Rationalization of Irregular Cellular Structures
Arno Schlueter and Tobias Bonwetsch


Book Review


Volume 6, Issue 3


Part 1: Collaborative work: web and virtual environments
Hypermedia urban models in virtual environments: Case studies of central areas of Argentine cities
Diana Rodríguez Barros, Dora Castañe and Alfredo Stipech

Implementation and Application of DesignMap: Case studies to manage an online database of visual designs
Yoshihiro Kobayashi and Wael A Abdelhameed

Urban projects database based on Alexander’s pattern language: the case of Favela-Bairro
Erivelton M Silva and Rodrigo C Paraizo

Noncopyright and the digital interface to support the autonomous production of dwellings
Ana Paula Baltazar, Silke Kapp, Denise Morado Nascimento, Rodrigo Marcandier Gonçalves, Sulamita Fonseca Lino, Amanda Alves Olalquiaga, Felipe José Gontijo, Joana Vieira da Silva, Mara Coelho, Pedro Arthur Novaes Magalhães

Part 2: Computational design: practice and theory
Design Flow and Ideation
Tomás Dorta

Digital design and manufacture based on Chiloean boats
David Butelmann Dujovne and Claudio Labarca Montoya

From Design Concepts to Design Descriptions
Sotirios D Kotsopoulos

Letter to the Editor:
Design Inside the Chinese Room
Kostas Terzidis


Volume 6, Issue 4


Reinterpreting Rasmi Domes with Geometric Constraints: A Case of Goal-seeking in Parametric Systems
Maryam M Maleki and Robert F Woodbury

From Concept to Reality: Digital Systems in Architectural Design and Fabrication
Knut Einar Larsen and Christoph Schindle

Shape Exploration in Design: Formalising and Supporting a Transformational Process
Sungwoo Lim, Miquel Prats, Iestyn Jowers, Scott Chase, Steve Garner, and Alison McKay

Knowledge Acquisition in Parametric Model development
Roly Hudson

Elemental Methods for Integrated Architectures: Experimentation with Design Processes for Cable Net structures
Sean Ahlquist and Moritz Fleischmann