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Volume 5, 2007

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Vol 5, Issue 1

José Pinto Duarte and Vassilis Bourdakis

Automated Representation of Style by Feature Space Archetypes: Distinguishing Spatial Styles from Generative Rules
Sean Hanna

Material-based Design Computation: An Inquiry into Digital Simulation of Physical Material Properties as Design Generators
Neri Oxman and Jesse Louis Rosenberg

From No-Dimensions to N-Dimensions with Parametric Point-Clouds
Eyal Nir

The Bishopsgate Tower Case Study
Lars Hesselgren, Renos Charitou, and Stylianos Dritsas

Rethinking Parameters in Urban Design
Marc Aurel Schnabel and Justyna Karakiewicz

Spatial Simulations with Cognitive and Design Agents
Renee Puusepp and Paul Coates

Interactive Simulation in Virtual Environments:A Design Tool for Planners and Architects
Joachim Kieferle, Uwe Wössner and Martin Becker

Experiencing Architectural Interiors and Exteriors in Computer Games
Inga Paterson

Deep Space
Timothy Jachna,Yasuhiro Santo and Nicole Schadewit

Co-operation and Complicity-Voices, Robots and Tricksters in the Digital Marketplace
Richard Coyne, Raymond Lucas, Jia Li, Martin Parker and John Lee

Vol 5, Issue 2

Marinos Ioannides and Loukas Kalisperis

Innovative Techniques for the acquisition and Processing of Multisource Data for the Geometric Documentation of Monuments
Charalabos Ioannidis and Andreas Georgopoulos

Detailed 3D Modelling of Castles
Sabry El-Hakim, Lorenzo Gonzo, Francesca Voltolini, Stefano Girardi, Alessandro Rizzi, Fabio Remondino and Emily Whiting

Preservation of Architectural Heritage Through 3D Digitization
George Pavlidis, Despoina Tsiafakis,Vassilios Tsioukas,Anestis Koutsoudis, Fotis Arnaoutoglou and Christodoulos Chamzas

Conservation of Architectural Heritage:The Role of Digital Documentation Tools:The Need for Appropriate Teaching Material Mario Santana Quintero, Bill
Blake and Rand Eppich

Simulating the Use of Ancient Technology Works Using Advanced Virtual Reality Technologies
Konstantinos Moustakas, Dimitrios Tzovaras and Georgios Nikolakis

Time-Dependent Illumination and Animation of Virtual Hagia-Sophia
Alessandro E Foni, George Papagiannakis, Nedjma Cadi-Yazli, and Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann

Geometry, Light, and Cosmology in the Church of Hagia Sophia
Wassim Jabi and Iakovos Potamianos

Multimodal Mixed Reality Interfaces for Visualizing Digital Heritage
Martin White, Panagiotis Petridis, Fotis Liarokapis and Daniel Plecinckx

Virtual Reality Model of the Northern Sluice of the Ancient Damin Marib/Yemen by Combination of Digital Photogrammetry and Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Archaeological Applications
Thomas P Kersten

Digital Resource Semantic Management of Islamic Buildings Case Study on Isfahan Islamic Architecture Digital Collection
Tomoaki Okamura, Naoko Fukami, Charles Robert and Frederic Andres

Vol 5, Issue 3

Antonieta Angulo, Rodrigo García Alvarado, and Rejane Spitz

A Group of Friends:The Las Americas Network,Virtual Studios, and Distance Education in Architecture
Guillermo Vásquez de Velasco

Innovative CNC Timber Framing – Technology and Cultural Expression
Oliver Neumann and Daniel Schmidt

Physically Walking in Digital Spaces – A Virtual Reality Installation for Exploration of Historical Heritage
Luis A Hernández, Javier Taibo, David Blanco, José A Iglesias, Antonio Seoane, Alberto Jaspe, and Rocío López

A Study of Light/Darkness in Sacred Settings: Digital Simulations
Anat Geva and Anuradha Mukherji

Zoom-In, Zoom-Out:Architectural Scale and Digital Technology
Cláudia Piantá Costa Cabral

Living Ways: Design Processes of a Hybrid Spatiality
Marcelo Tramontano and Guto Requena

Music and Architecture: Bonds, Interrelations,Transductions
Miriam Bessone and Ricardo Pérez Miró

Vol 5, Issue 4

Thomas Fischer,Tomohiro Fukuda, and Zhou Qi

Fuzzy Modelling for Early Architectural Design
Alexander Koutamanis

Mindful Spaces: Computational Geometry and the Conceptual Spacesin which Designers Operate
Jane R Burry

Parametric Design and Structural Optimisation for Early Design Exploration
Dominik Holzer, Richard Hough and Mark Burry

Design Tools for Foldable Structures with Application of Fuzzy Logic
Madalina Wierzbicki and Clarence de Silva

Get Real: Towards Performance-Driven Computational Geometry
Neri Oxman

Teaching Digital Design Exploration: Form Follows…
Ivanka Iordanova