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Volume 4, 2006

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Vol 4, Issue 1

Bob Martens and André Brown

Sketching and Sketch Designing Learning design sketching from animations and storyboards
Nancy Cheng

iSphere: A free-hand 3D modeling interface
Chia-Hsun Jackie Lee,Yuchang Hu, and Ted Selker

Computer integrated construction and manufacturing The digital ornament using CAAD/CAAM technologies
Kai Strehlke and Russell Loveridge

A wood frame grammar
Lawrence Sass

Towards architect aided design
Agnieszka Sowa

Approaches to Digital Design Design innovation through constraint modelling
Axel Kilian

Crisis? What crisis? Approaching information space: New dimensions in the field of architecture
Dietrich Elger and Peter Russell


Vol 4, Issue 2

Celine Pinet and Nancy Yen-wen Cheng

The Peculiar Nodal Generator: a speculation
Jason Vollen and Dale Clifford

An Intuitive Interface for Building Management and Planning
Bauke de Vries, Sjoerd Buma and Joran Jessurun

FlexM: Designing a physical construction kit for 3d modeling
Markus Eng, Ken Camarata, Ellen Yi-Luen Do and Mark D Gross

Energy Cube and Energy Magnets
Ken Camarata, Ellen Yi-Luen Do and Mark D Gross

Experimenting with 3D Digitization of Architectural Physical Models using Laser Scanning Technology
Karim Hadjri

A Tool for the design of Fabric Structures
Keith MacBain and William R Spillers

Digital Processes in Architectural Design: A Case Study of Computers and Creativity
Raid Hanna and Tony Barber

Control and Collaboration: digital fabrication strategies in academia and practice
Richard Garber and Wassim Jabi


Vol 4, Issue 3

Antonieta Angulo, Jose Ripper Kos, and Guillermo Vásquez de Velasco

Addressing Multidisciplinary Needs Architectural Research In Information Visualization: 10 Years After
Julio Bermudez, Jim Agutter, and Stefano Foresti

Archigram’s Analogical Approach to Digitality
Fabíola M Ribeiro and Rejane Spitz

Rethinking Smart Architecture: Some Strategic Design Frameworks
Mahesh Senagala

Using Multidisciplinary Resources Performing Palladio
Athanassios Economou and Matthew Swarts

Utilization of Time-Based Techniques in Research and Teaching
Paola Sanguinetti

Developing Multidisciplinary Knowledge and Know How
Visualizing the Operative and Analytic: Representing the Digital Fabrication Feedback Loop and Managing the Digital Exchange
Kevin Klinger & Joshua Vermillion

Computational Design of Parametric Scripts for Digital Fabrication of Curved Structures
Sergio Araya Goldberg

Physical Modeling: the Convergence of Cutting-edge Technologies and Miniature Tooling
Bechir Kenzari


Vol 4, Issue 4

Mao-lin Chiu and Andrew Li

Addressing Multidisciplinary Needs Improving Design Workflow in Architectural Design Applications
Stefan Boeykens and Herman Neuckermans

Utilizing customizable Generative Design Tools in Digital Design Studio: Xp-GEN experimental form generator
Burak Pak, Ozan Onder Ozener and Arzu Erdem

CoBlocks:An improved voxel-based design tool by object structuring of voxel models
Steve Kuan and Thomas Kvan

Using Multidisciplinary Resources
Physical or Digital: Alternative Approaches to Modelling for a Participatory Design Environment
Alan Day and Rashidah Ab Rahman

The Architectural Cinematographer: Navigating architectural designs in 3D real-time environments
Carlos Calderon, Karl Nyman and Nicholas Worley

Developing Multidisciplinary Knowledge and Know How
Survey on the Role of Lighting Design Software in Architecture and Interior Design Undergraduate Education
Tina Sarawgi

The Instant House:A Model of Design Production with Digital Fabrication
Lawrence D Sass and Marcel Botha

Redefining the Wall: Architecture, Materials and Macroelectronics
Osman Ataman, John Rogers and Adesida Ilesanmi

3D Print as Corporeal Design Medium
Kyle Talbott