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Volume 2, 2004

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Vol 2, Issue 1

Andre Brown and Henri Achten

Festschrift for Tom Maver, A Personal Retrospective
Tom Maver

The Dual Heritage of CAAD Research
Thomas Kvan

A Nobel Prize for CAAD
Bauke de Vries

The Impact of Computer Aided Architectural Design on Physical Reality
Gerhard Schmitt

Back to the Future: Performative Architecture
Branko Kolarevic

CAAD’s Seven Arguable Virtues
Alexander Koutamanis

Going back in History
Arturo F Montagu

On the Archiving of Tom Mavers’ Bibliography (1969- )
Bob Martens

Ivan Petrovic Prizewinners
User Adaptive Visualisation of Cooperative Architectural Design
Gilles Halin, Damien Hanser and Jean-Claude Bignon

Interactive Spaces for Advanced Communication using 3D Video
Silke Lang

Visualising the Structure of Architectural Open Spaces Based on Shape Analysis
Sanjay Rana and Mike Batty


Vol 2, Issue 2

Wassim Jabi and Celine Pinet

Improving ‘Objective’ Digital Images with Neuronal Processing: A Computational Approach
Ganapathy Mahalingam and Rajesh G Kavasseri

Determining the Suitability of Computer-Aided Daylight Simulation, Method in the Design Process
Tina Sarawgi

Bridging Communication Boundaries Between Architect and Contractor: Integrating Design and Construction with Wearable Computers
George Elvin

Component-Based Design: A Summary and Scheme for Implementation
Anton C Harfmann and Paul J Bauser

Re-thinking, Re-inventing Design Tools
Let There be Light! : Knowledge-Based 3-D Sketching Design Tools
Ellen Yi-Luen Do and Mark D Gross

Trusset: Parallel Development of Software and Construction Systems for Space-Truss Structures
Cory Clarke and Phillip Anzalone

A Parametric Approach to the Design of Vaulted Tensegrity Networks
Katherine A Liapi and Jinman Kim

Divergent Thinking in the Construction of Architectural Models
Kyle WTalbott

Book Review
Asymptote Flux: Review by David Mathews


Vol 2, Issue 3

Julio Bermúdez and José Riper Kós

A Critical Look at Software:
Deconstructing the Software Interface:A Critical Close Reading of the AutoCAD
Mahesh Senagala

Visualizing Intangible Realities in Design
Patricia L Muñoz and Juan P López Coronel

Stimulating Experiments with Available Tools: Stylist and Scaleable – Vector Graphics for All on the Web
Simon Ruffle and Paul Richens

The Kaleidoscope System to Organize Architectural Design References
Celso Carnos Scaletsky

Transformation of Design:
Architecture as a Digital Diagram
David M Sperling

The Digital Media and New Technologies in Visual Arts Workshop
Alfredo Stipech and Guillermo Mantaras

Architectural Representation Software: a Design Tool
Sergio Manes


Vol 2, Issue 4

Bharat Dave,Thomas Kvan

Resisting the Seamless Interface
Richard Coyne, Pedro Rebelo, Martin Parker

Problem Framing in Multiple Settings
Thomas Kvan, Song Gao

Assessment of the Use of 3D-Viewing and Mark-Up Tool for Rich Network Design Communication
Mitsuo Morozumi, Riken Homma

3D Crossover: Exploring objets digitalisé
Marc Aurel Schnabel,Thomas Kvan, Steve KS Kuan,Weidong Li

Combining Grammars and Space Syntax: Formulating, Generating, and Evaluating Designs
Teresa V Heitor, José P Duarte, Rafaela M Pinto

Diffusion of Creative Design: Gatekeeping Effects
Ricardo Sosa, John S Gero