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Volume 10, 2012

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Volume 10, Issue 1

Tadeja Zupancic, Senior Editor and José P. Duarte, Senior Editor

Digital Girih, A Digital Interpretation Of Islamic Architecture
Gernot Riether and Daniel Baerlecken

Potential Use Of Structural Layout Optimization At The Conceptual Design Stage
Peter Park, Matthew Gilbert, Andy Tyas and Olga Popovic-Larsen

Shape-Sensitive Configurational Descriptions Of Building Plans
Mahbub Rashid, PhD, RA

Agent Provocateur – BIM In The Academic Design Studio
Michael A. Ambrose

Kinetic Hybrid Structure Development And Simulation
Marios C. Phocas, Odysseas Kontovourkis and Maria Matheou

TetraScript: A Responsive Pavilion, From Generative Design to Automation
Gonçalo Castro Henriques

Anisotropic Operations
Mark Weston

CAD Scripting And Visual Programming Languages For Implementing Computational Design Concepts: A Comparison From A Pedagogical Point Of View
Gabriela Celani and Carlos Eduardo Verzola Vaz

Programming Languages For Generative Design: A Comparative Study
António Leitão, Luís Santos and José Lopes

Volume 10 Issue2

Senior Editors Gabriela Celani and Eduardo Nardelli (S)

Issue now closed

Volume 10 Issue 3

Senior Editor Michael Fox (A)

Issue now closed

Volume 10 Issue 4

Senior Editor Thomas Fischer (C)