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Volume 1, 2003

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Vol 1, Issue 1

Real Teaching and Learning through Virtual Reality
Jelena Petric, Giuliana Ucelli and Giuseppe Conti

Transparency In Information Architecture: Enabling Large Scale Creative Collaboration in Architectural Education over the Internet
Urs Hirschberg

TAP – The Architectural Playground: A C++ Framework for Scalable Distributed Collaborative Architectural Virtual Environments
Hartmut Seichter, Dirk Donath and Frank Petzold

Information Spaces for Mobile City Access
Authors Philip Berridge, Volker Koch and Andre G.P. Brown

Materials in Architectural Design Education Software: A Case Study
Jules Moloney and Rajaa Issa

(Learning from Experience)? Promises, Problems and Side-effects of Case-Based Reasoning in Architectural Design
Ann Heylighen and Herman Neuckermans

New Design Methods for Computer Aided Architectural Design Methodology Teaching
Henri H. Achten

The “Digital year for Architects” – Experiences with an Integrated Teaching Concept
Joachim B. Kieferle and Erwin Herzberger

Architectural-IT and Educational Curriculumns – A European Overview
Hannu Pentillä

Space, Place and Digital Media: Towards a Better Simulation of a City that has now Disappeared
Yu-Tung Liu and Shen-Kai Tang

Vol 1, Issue 2

Integrating the Digital and the Physical…
Nancy Yen-Wen Cheng and Ellen Yi-Luen Do

The Tangible Interface: Experiments as an Integral Part of a Research Strategy
Bauke De Vries, Henri Achten, MAciej Orzechowski, Amy Tan, Nicole Segers, Vincent Tabak, Joran Jessurun and Marc Coomans

Tangible Design Media: Toward An Interactive CAD Platform
Taysheng Jeng and Chia-Hsun Lee

A Physical Computing Studio: Exploring Computational Artifacts and Environments
Ken Camarata, Mark D. Gross and Ellen Yi-Luen Do

An XML Framework for Simulation and Analysis of Buildings
Filiz Ozel, Robert Pahle and Manu Juyal

On Classifying Daylight for Design
Daniel Glaser and James Peng

Cumulative Index of CAAD: Current Status and Future Directions
Bob Martens and Ziga Turk

TheVR-Desktop: an Accessible Approach to VR Environments in Teaching and Research
George Otto, Loukas N. Kalisperis, Jack Gundrum, Katsuhiko Muramoto, Gavin Burris, Ray Masters, Elena Slobounov, Jamie Heilman and Vijay Agarwala

Architecture in the Digital Age
Brian Johnson

Why Peer Review Journals?
Ellen Yi-Luen Do

Vol 1, Issue 3

Julio Bermúdez

The Digital Environment of Urban Dynamic Analysis
Juan Carlos Rall

3D models of urban icons: tracing Benjamin and Koolhaas
José R. Kós

The Aztec Templo Mayor – A Visualization
Antonio Serrato-Combe

Modeling of Activities: an approach to the virtual representation of human behaviors in architectural spaces tested in emergency units
Rodrigo Garcia Alvarado, Felipe Baesler Abufarde, Pedro Rodríguez Moreno and Mauricio Pezo Bravo

Virtual Menus on VRML
Gabriela Bustos L. and Iván Burgos P.

Internet based support for architectural planning processes
Dirk Donath, Katharina Richter and Stefan Hansen

Real and Virtual Spaces Generated By Music
Adrián J. Levy

Performing Cyberspace: Dance, Technology and Virtual Architecture
Maria E. Tosello


Vol 1, Issue 4

Yu-Tung Aleppo Liu and Taysheng Jeng

A Collaborative Design Simulation Game
Yehuda E. Kalay and Yongwook Jeong

Spatial Understanding in Immersive Virtual Environments
Marc A. Schnabel and Thomas Kvan

Augmented Reality Aided Design
Hartmut Seichter

Collaboration Support System for City Plans or Community Designs Based on VR/CGTechnology
Tomohiro Fukuda, Ryuichiro Nagahama, Atsuko Kaga and Tsuyoshi Sasada

Spatial Cognition in Digital Cities
Yu-Li Chang

A Grammar for the Dynamic Design of Virtual Architecture Using Rational Agents
Ning Gu and Mary Lou Maher

Shape Generation Using Pareto Genetic Algorithms: Integrating Conflicting Design Objectives in Low-Energy Architecture
Luisa G. Caldas and Leslie K. Norford

Notes on the Structure of Design space
Robert F. Woodbury and Andrew L. Burrow